Dr Radipabe medical practice is a general medical practitioner's practice which is being run by Dr. MSC Radipabe. It is situated in Modimolle and was established in 2010, April. It operated initially from Phagameng location in Modimolle. Another office was set up in the town of Modimolle a year later in 2011, April.

This was not a relocation but rather an expansion as both practices are actively running at different hours. As it were, due to logistics, the practice in town is operating more hours from morning till noon. The practice in the location is open from 16h30 to 19h00 every week day. This expansion was motivated largely by growing demand by some of our working patients in town who needed to consult during working hours and then go back to their place of work.

The practice in the location is thus a satelite practice while the one in town is the main practice. There is no limit to their operational activity as both practices are well equipped.